Saturday, March 15, 2008
It's about Dane time.....
Hello all! Remember me? Yes, it's been a while since I have written. Since our last talk I have remodeled my friends list, rennovated my marriage, and found my passion (or two).

Last year was a rough one in the personal department but I have since overhauled and made the proper changes and better than ever! Moving along to my passions....

Tribal fusion belly dance....superior muscle control, snakey fluidity along with pops and locks. I love the music, I love the look and feel. I just love it. Take a look....this is Rachel Brice. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Along with dancing, I have been volunteering at the Great Dane Rescue of South Carolina. I started last Friday at 10am in the pouring rain. I didn't really get to spend time with the dogs because, well, rain is not conducive to a good play environment. So, it was all business that day. However, I returned the next day with my husband. Three others showed up to help with doggie doodie (pun intended) which freed me up for play therapy! Woo hoo! At the end I walked away just as dirty as I had the day before, but with a smile on my face as wide as the dog's!
Much to my dismay, I had to take a few days off at the rescue so I could make some money. I work Sunday-Tuesday nights at the hospital with the human babies. This week’s work was frustrating. The unappreciative parents and hostile attitudes are getting old. I’m also tired of the hostility between the staff. It’s so sickening to ask someone to do their job and have eyes rolled and teeth sucked. At least the dogs are appreciative of the kindness they are receiving at the rescue. Dogs do smile. I’ve seen that wide open ear to ear grin everytime I rub an ear, scratch a back (right over the tail please!), and throw a ball.

I returned to the rescue Wednesday morning after work. After my experience on Saturday and hearing how happy the dogs seemed afterwards, not to mention how well they slept, how could I stay away?
I brought with me some donated sheets that are much needed to make beds and mudrunners between the indoor kennel and outdoor run each dog has. We performed our cleaning tasks...scrubbing water bowls, sweeping, remaking beds, examining toys and replacing as needed, and pooper scooper-ing. There was another volunteer there also so I got to play a bit with the babies.
On Thursday I brought a friend who is also a masseuse. She also massages animals and put her hands to good use while the owner and I cleaned. At the end of our visit, while we were getting the tortoises out to their play area, I asked the owner of the rescue to please pick a dog she thought would be appropriate for Jaime and I to foster.
Honestly, did you think I could go to an animal rescue and not end up with one of those sweet creatures in some way, shape, or form???? I think I just heard all of you collectively say, "NO!" She chose Mukai. Mukai is a very big, yet very sweet, gentle, and submissive 18 month old surrendered by his vet tech owner. He also brought hookworms, heartworm, and a cowering disposition.

Jaime and I picked Mukai up for a car ride and a walk last night. Jaime met him once before on his Saturday session at the rescue and I have played ball with him and his yard mate, Sirius Lee, each time I've gone to clean kennels. I have to say, the first day we met he wasn’t super interested in me. Perhaps the rain that day distracted him. Now, he seems to trust me and loves leaning and getting his backside scratched! He takes a break from that long enough to chase a ball or graze on some grass. Last night he took right to us and our car ride and walk went wonderfully. I can't imagine anyone ever harming him or any other animal. It's really disgusting to me.
Today we are taking our boys out for a meet and greet. They are resting up right now and have even bathed for the occasion. I'll keep you posted and I'm sure I will have new pics and stories soon!

P.S. Angus, an 11 month old Harlequin owner surrender, had to have emergency surgery for an obstruction. His Demodex (skin mites that can be controlled but act up under stress) is flaring horribly and he has several open sores on his neck and hip. They can be treated but he has to recover from his surgery first.
His vet bills were $3000! A fund has been set up and we are still in need of donations to help pay his surgery off! Please click on the Angus Fund and help us help Angus!

Mukai!, here we come!!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007
Suck da, how does the rest go?

One farmer's tan, 2 beers, a plate of BBQ, and a good bit of socializing later, and I am so glad I didn't listen to Debbie Downer who said, "This is really a kid's thing and we decided to leave. How do we get out of here?" Um, the way you got in and do you mean to say all that beer and reggae music is for the children? Hmm...children's parties have come a long way since I was a kid.

I am not one for crawfish and fried gator but I did make it out to our Lowcountry Cajun Festival. I am not sure how authentically Cajun it was but I did see some "sucking da head and pinching the tail" all while drinking Yuengling and enjoying the sounds of reggae. Maybe some of you from the actual Cajun area can tell me just how authentic our festival was. Personally, I think it's just one big excuse for people to get together, eat, get drunk, and feel cultured(??).

Well, I have to say I enjoyed my 2 beers and plate of BBQ. We (me and hubby) went by ourselves but wound up meeting friends whom we haven't seen in quite some time. Not only did we see new and past co-workers, but we finally met our friend's baby who was born NINE months ago! I KNOW! BAD friends! But, you know how it leave your phone at home when you are by their house and you don't want to go over and risk waking a new mom, blah, blah. Thankfully that hasn't been held against us!

Anyway, thanks to all of our friends that were out and for this girl and her daring fashion statement! Yes, that would be a halter top and bra (with tag hanging and all). I missed getting the picture of the lady with the salmon colored jersey knit stretch pants with the eyelet cutouts at the ankle (I suppose maybe I can cut her some slack for she did have a cast on her foot..though it was removable!) and the Grateful Dead guy with the tye dye shirt that was spinning like he was his own Tilt-A-Whirl ride at the fair. What's that saying? It takes all kinds.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007
And the winners are...
If you are looking for internet love here are some of your choices. I am so glad that I am married.

" My interests include motorsports such as snowmobiling, cars, and mechanics. "

His keywords? Colt 45, Corrections, Vodka

Corrections? Is that like correction facility?

I didn't even bother looking at his description of himself. I couldn't get past the shirt.

What?? This guy is still available?

I can't believe I didn't hold out for him. Especially after he describes himself as "Mysterious." That's word. Now you wanna drop him a line, right?

I really hope his friends did this for a sick, cruel joke.

"Wild guy who enjoys life. I work hard but also play hard. Enjoys dancing the weekend and working out after work. I'm looking for people to party with on the weekends or go to a few games/movies with. Think you can hang?"

Gee, I don't know if I'm up for the challenge. His requirements are pretty extensive.

*sighing and shaking head* Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! I am sure he is a nice guy. All I know is I saw "adolescent boy" in his description and moved on.

Thanks to LittleFluffyCloud for pointing me in the direction of HotorNot for a bit of a laugh. I don't mean to make fun of people but really what are some of them thinking???


Friday, March 23, 2007
Someone to keep you up ALL NIGHT...
It was time to fill that void again. But with whom? I was getting lonely and longed for a new roomie.

I checked out the bidders. There were several. Oh choices, choices. As a Libra, sometimes I have a bit of trouble.

Finally, I chose based on the fact that this "20-something, country music lovin', NASCAR watchin', animal savin' girl from the lovely state of Maryland" and I have a few things in common. Awesome! I am 20 something, I have family from Maryland, I have friends that LOVE country music, my husband loves watching NASCAR and I often lose him and one of my girlfriends to the races, and I LOVE animals (um..I have 2 Great Danes and 4 cats and donate to our SPCA and other animal rescuing organizations).

We also shared a moment on Saturday when she was fighting for a prime spot at a Kenny Chesney concert and I was pushing my way through internet traffic to get top real estate at a Godsmack concert.

Welcome! From what I understand you have a nice rack too (click here to preview). Hey! Another thing we have in common! SWEET!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
13 of My Guilty Pleasures

1. Marble Slab Ice Cream--Chocolate Swiss or Birthday Cake with Heath pieces...yum! I especially like it after we go out for Mexican.

2. Mindless T.V.--America's Next Top Model (especially the marathons on Vh1), My Super Sweet Sixteen (oh what I could do with the money the waste!), The Hills, The Simple Life --I don't watch these on the nights they come on, I usually catch them on when they are reruns.

3. Handfuls of JellyBellies. I do not keep these in my house b/c I will eat them until I am sick!

4. Dance/Techno/House Music. Yes, in my mp3 player right now you can find Britney, Amber, LaBouche, Gina G., Samantha Mumba, 4 Strings, The Real McCoy, Moby....

5. Celebrity gossip mags. I don't buy them but I certainly read the ones that are laying around work. Hey, sometimes when the kids are sleeping you gotta fill your time somehow!

6. The E! Channel. This channel is what got me into "Melrose Place." Now I like "The Girls Next Door."

7. A cold beer after work before I hit the hay. I know it's 8am but that's MY it's occasional.

8. Teen movies--"Bring It On", "Clueless", "Drive Me Crazy", "10 Things I Hate About You", "Not Another Teen Movie", "She's All That", "American Pie" get the picture

9. Lifetime T.V.--which my brother so senstively refers to as "The Wife Beater Channel"...sorry if that offends anyone but I found it funny when he said it. Something about Sundays in my big chair and a Lifetime movie.

10. Paying bills. I feel accomplised when I do it. I suppose it's not something that is typically "guilty" or "pleasureable", but I feel so good when I do it so I that's why I classify it as a "guilty pleasure."

11. Peanut Butter M&Ms. I have been known to eat a whole bag by myself in a 12 hour shift at work...and not an individual sized one either. I'm talking the big size party bag!

12. The way Ambien makes me feel right before I fall asleep. A bit of a buzz, off to sleep, and no hangover!

13. Checking out people's medicine cabinets or underneath their counters in their bathrooms. Not sure why, but I have been known to take a quick peek.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
A Cry for Help

Tylenol Overdose. The diagnosis of the week it seems. In the past two nights, I have had taken care of 2 boys who have felt desperate enough for attention (love? help?) and used this method to gain it.

Where is the breakdown in communication between parent and child that causes the child to down 10,000mg-15,600mg of Tylenol at once in order to gain attention? Is that even the reason?

In the past two nights, I have had TWO boys with Tylenol OD. Of course, this buys them large bore IVs and IV fluids, multiple lab draws to watch for liver damage, clotting factors, and drug levels in the blood, stomach pumping if it JUST happened, a charcoal slurry if they came in a couple hours within taking the pills, and last but not least MORE pills (liver protectants). If the Tylenol level is high enough in the bloodstream the IV fluids will be replaced with an IV infusion of the same liver protectant.

The attention doesn't stop there. Not only will the medical doctors be visiting often but psychiatrists will make a pit stop, nurses will be coming in the room every hour. ALL of us ask the same question, "Do you want to hurt yourself?" "Do you have plans to hurt yourself?" Oh, and being alone is never an issue. If parents can't stay, then a sitter is provided to watch every move made.

After being cleared medically, the patient is then sent to the psych hospital across the street. There they will enjoy a journey into their mind by one on one sessions and group therapy. Who knows..I'm not a psych nurse, but I'm sure there is some form of self expression activity such as drawing or writing.

I am not going to lie and say I haven't made sarcastic comments about the Tylenol overdoses but I do find it truly sad that these children think they have to take these desperate measures to get the attention they are starving for. Not attention that says "Look what I can do" but the kind that says, "HEY, look at me I'm hurting and if you aren't going to listen to my words, hear my actions!"

However, I am glad that is was "only" Tylenol and not sleeping pills, antidepressants, etc. Also, it reinforces the fact that I am very grateful that my parents were easy to talk to and gave me plenty of POSITIVE reinforcement as I grew up. As socially inept as I sometimes felt, I knew that I still had self worth because my parents (especially Mom) helped me to build my self esteem on talents and skills I had, NOT attention from others.

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Friday, March 16, 2007
Quittin' nursin'..gonna be a Groupie!

Last night...ROCKED!!! Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Nickelback under one roof!?

The night started at La Hacienda around 6pm. What better way to start the night than with Mexican food and beer? My husband and I met a couple friend of wait, just my girlfriend showed up b/c...oh yeah..that's right...her husband went to "watch the opening bands" (who didn't start 'til 7 ). So where was he? Believe It or Not, BACKSTAGE!!! Why can't my dad work there???

Anyway, I enjoyed my chips and salsa and 2 Dos Equis (haha..I had dos Dos Equis..anyway)..I'll bet my friend's hubby didn't get THAT backstage. So there.

After we hooked up with another couple we all knew and Feelin Way Too Damn Good, we took The Long Road to the venue. We left tickets for another couple friend of all of ours (they were going to be late) at will call. See You At the Show !(or maybe not..wrong tix got left..long story for a different day).

Three Days Grace was setting up. We missed Breaking Benjamin thanks to my 2nd Dos Equis. Dang it! :-(. Anyhow, Three Days Grace was not Painful at all, but Nickleback about had me Flat on the Floor! There is nothing like seeing Chad Kroeger wail on a guitar. He can really move those fingers (NOOO! Naughty thoughts!!). His voice is amazing...inspite of the beginnings of laryngitis. The drummer? Daniel Adair? I have never seen anyone move 4 limbs so fast in opposite directions. I could feel his bass drum in my chest!

They started with better to get the crowd going than a song about sex? They moved through the show and pumped us up with the usual "You guys rock" and "You guys are the best crowd ever." Hell, it worked for me! I'll believe anything that comes from Chad's mouth (be gone naughty thoughts!). The various pyrotechnics didn't hurt in pumping up the crowd either...what is it about fire, oversized sparklers, and the words "You ready to fuckin' rock?" Perhaps it's ending the show with Figured You Out.

Now, that's just not fair...make me feel like a Rockstar all night long, sing those songs with that voice, tickle the guitar the way you do with THOSE FINGERS, and then shove me out the door after you told me "I like your pants around your feet"?? I may just have to Follow You Home.